Tidy Up! Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner is your answer to clean your jewellery and spectacles right from your own room. Sparkle uses ultrasonic waves to break down the dirt particles accumulated on and under the surface of items resulting in clean spectacles and sparkling jewellery. 



  • Ultrasonic Technology

    The Tidy Up! Ultrasonic Cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to loosen and remove the dirt accumulated on and under the surface of your spectacles and jewellery. See it to believe it!

  • Instructions

    Read the manual and follow the directions on how to use and products that are safe for the ultrasonic cleaner. Do not use pearls or emeralds or other soft stones to clean. Not safe for watches. 

  • Timer

    The timer will go off in 5 minutes. The Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner can be manually switched off as well. 

How to use the Tidy Up! Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wire Bin

Pick the color that best suits your home or office!

Available in black, brown & white - you can use it to hold your chargers or adapters on a 4-socket power strip.  Organize & see the difference with the Wire Bin. 




    Once you plug in your devices,  you don't need to reopen the Wire Bin. It stays where you left it - where your charger lives, at your bedside. 


    You can make your home childproof and pet friendly & organize your wires and power strips in your home or office space. Your children & pets won't be able to access any of the wires and plug points once the lid is closed. 


    The Wire Bin instantly transforms the surrounding area & encloses wires in a compact way. Until you open it again, the Wire Bin stays in place holding your wires. 

Presenting... the Tidy Up! Wire Bin