New launches in progress!

Our newest product launch is the Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner. It is a light duty cleaning machine that features ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry and spectacles.  

To thoroughly and completely remove embedded dirt and contaminants, you may need to perform an ultrasonic cleaning more than once or loosen the dirt with a soft brush. 

There are some steps you should follow but whether or not to skip a certain step depends on the nature of the items and how dirty or contaminated they are. 

  1. Fill the ultrasonic tank with water – pour the water using a cup or a glass and do not fill over the MAX level 
  2. Add 2 sprays of the cleaning solution 
  3. Plug in the Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner
  4. Put the items in the ultrasonic tank – and switch on the cleaner 
  5. Power off after 3 minutes or auto power off ~5 minutes
  6. Repeat the cycle of cleaning for another round if the item has not been cleaned enough