For the ever shining you, try Tidy Up’s ! Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner

Most common problem is now solved in a jiffy. Yes, you guessed it right! Be it cleaning your daily use spectacles or precious articles. Tidy Up understands it well and hence have introduced this cleaner for your daily use items. Get your fashion accessories and spectacles spic and span in no time. Simply grab Sparkle Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean your most favorite things.

This super efficient gadget uses ultrasonic waves to break down the dirt particles accumulated on and under the surface of your jewellery and spectacles, resulting in bright & shiny new items. The horizontal body is suitable for necklaces upto a certain size, bangles, earrings, rings, nose pins, eye glasses, spectacles cleaning and similar. Elevate your look by bringing home this very useful product for your essentials. Heads will turn as you will use Tidy Up’s most preferred product . Be ready to be noticed and admired as your show off your possessions that your wear.

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