Tidy Up! Wire Bin


Wire Bin by Tidy Up! is a smartly designed power cable box, which encloses all your cables and keeps your premises looking neat and organized. Available in black, white & brown to match any decor. Wire Bin has outlets on either side of the box to enclose and provide easy access to your power strip, wires & cables. It holds all types of wires allowing easy access to them whenever you need.


Size Guide
Chest, waist, hips28-2930-3132-3334-3536-3738-3940-41
Short-sleeve length1010.51111.51212.513
Long-sleeve length2323.52424.52525.526
Arm Hole2222.53223.52424.525
Back length30323436384042
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  • Neatly encloses all types of AC Adapters, Chargers, USB Hubs, Excess wires & cables, Spike busters & Power Strips of maximum 4 sockets.
  • Dimensions 33 x12 x12.5 cm
  • Available in three colors – White, Black & Brown
  • Childproof and organise wires and power strips in your home or office space.
  • *Spike buster/Power Strip not included


Does it include multi plug spike guard, suitable to dimension of box, or it does not include spike guard?

The Wire Bin does not include multi plug spike guard & it fits any 4-socket spike guard. The Wire Bin with Spike Buster is bundled with a 4-socket spike guard. 

Is there a bigger size available?

This is the only size we make! Working on Wire Bin XL, 2.0.. 

What are the dimensions?


The Tidy Up! Wire Bin is 330x120x125 LWH (mm) or 33x12x12.5 cm. 

Weight 0.729 kg
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 13 cm

Black, Brown, White

  1. Naitik Singhania

    The major drawback is the height of the bin with the lid. It is approx 12cm. The height of any extension board is easily 2.5 cms then comes the charger usually with a height of 5 to 6.5 cms, which leaves only 4 to 5cms gap for the usb cable to go into the charger and fold out towards the side of the bin.This gap is very small and none of my phone chargers (oneplus and Mivi multicharger) can fit in in it without damaging the usb cables.

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