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Tidy Up!

Tidy Up! - SAATHI - Container with 7 compartments for Masala/Rangoli/Pooja/Supari/Dry Fruits/Gifting

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Perfect use as a masala tray and for keeping all spices/masalas in the kitchen. Durable and easy to clean, it’s the perfect companion in the kitchen to make life easy. No need to clean it again and again since integrated sections avoid spilling at the bottom. Large capacity means you need to refill after a long time. The sleek design makes it easy to store in any drawer and cabinet or leave on the counter.


The perfect companion for your Rangoli storage. No need to open multiple packets and boxes. One Saathi can have 7 colors and two of these will let you make superb rangolis with minimum hassle. Plastic is durable so you can store the rangolis in this and then take it out as and when needed.


All the pooja stuff can be stored within Tidy Up! Saathi once and for all. You don’t need to make a Pooja aarti thali again and again. Just use the Tidy Up! Saathi straight and put the lid and store for next time. The seven compartments can ensure you can have the items in one place including sindoor, Kumkum, Haldi, chawal, flowers, etc. DO NOT light Kapoor straight in the Saathi. Use metal Katori within it.


You can put supari into the Saathi and leave it in your living room. Your guests will be delighted to see the supari spread and even you will enjoy it at home. The lid will ensure that the supari remains fresh, insects are kept out.

Dry Fruits:

Tidy Up! Saathi is perfect for keeping dry fruits for daily consumption and for kids at home. The pseudo-tight lid will ensure that the dry fruits are fresh, insects are kept out.


Perfect for gifting to your friends and family. Sweets, dry fruits, and any items. Simply put the items in, tie a ribbon and sleep and an elegant gift is ready.

  • Tidy Up! - SAATHI Good looking and a sleek plastic container with high capacity and big surface for easy access and less hassle
  • Perfect and for use and storage to reduce unnecessary chores
  • Loose lid for easy opening and closing for easy access and no mixing of items inside
  • Pseudo Airtight – Specially designed to minimize airflow inside
  • Perfect for kitchen, dining table, living room, pooja room, and gifting